List of International NGOs in South Africa

List of Indigenous NGOs in South Africa

You might be wondering about the meaning of the acronym “NGO”, or what it entails. We’ are to help you out with the meaning of the whole thing.
NGO stands for the word “Non-Governmental Organization“. As the name implies, NGOs are establishments or associations owned by private bodies or groups. The main of NGOs is to serve the interest of the people of a country, in other words, they aid the government to fulfill its constitutional obligations to its people. For example, United Nations, a universal NGO has been a great alliance with the government to promote peace and harmony amongst countries.

In South Africa, there are a great number of both indigenous and international NGOs, which the former will come later in our next post.

Below is the comprehensive list of Non-Governmental Organizations in South Africa:

  • ActionAid
  • Doctors With Borders
  • Global Integrity
  • ONE International
  • Oxfam
  • World Vision
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • Synergos

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