Nkangala TVET College School Fees Structure 2021/2022

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The Nkangala TVET College School Fees Structure for the 2021/2022 session is released. Students should check the Nkangala TVET College’s school fees structure.

School Fees Structure contains the detailed schedule of payable amount of money required to be paid by students as tuition fees, exam fees, hand-out fees, registration fees, etc. These fees are expected to be paid on or before the set payment deadline.

The management of the Nkangala TVET College has officially released the school fees structure for the 2021/2022 academic session.

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Nkangala TVET College School Fees Structure.


NC(V) ProgrammesCourse Fees
All Fundamental subjects (Level N2-N4)
Civil Engineering and Building ConstructionR13 730.80
Electrical Infrastructure ConstructionR13 551.00
Engineering and Related DesignR17 639.40
Finance, Economics, and AccountingR9 833.20
HospitalityR16 656.40
IT & Computer ScienceR13 457.80
Education & DevelopmentR9 541.20
Office AdministrationR8 789.20
TourismR12 768.80
Engineering Studies (Level N1-N3)
Engineering (Civil)R1 803.47
Engineering (Electrical)R1 803.47
Engineering (Mechanical)R1 803.47
Engineering Studies (Level N4-N6)
Engineering (Civil)R2 103.93
Engineering (Electrical)R2 103.93
Engineering (Mechanical)R2 103.93
Business Studies (Level N4-N6)
Business ManagementR2 672.00
Financial ManagementR2 672.00
Human Resource ManagementR2 672.00
Management AssistantR2 672.00
Hospitality & Catering Services N4R6 028.30
Hospitality & Catering Services N5R6 028.30
Hospitality & Catering Services N6R6 028.30
TourismR5 873.70
Hospitality (Level N5)
EBM N4R668.00
CAT T&P N5R1 786.77
APPL Man N5R1 786.77
Food & Bev N5R1 786.77
Table Service (OPTIONAL)R1 786.77
Hospitality (Level N6)
CCR N5R1 507.08
CAT T&P N6R1 507.08
APPL Man N6R1 507.08
COM & HR N6R1 507.08
NC(V) ProgrammesSubject Fees
All Fundamental subjects (Level N2-N4)
Civil Engineering and Building ConstructionR2 757.70
Electrical Infrastructure ConstructionR2 712.75
Engineering and Related DesignR3 734.85
Finance, Economics and AccountingR2 044.30
HospitalityR3 813.07
IT & Computer ScienceR2 689.45
Education & DevelopmentR1 710.30
Office AdministrationR1 522.30
TourismR2 517.20
Engineering Studies (Level N1-N3)
Engineering (Civil)R450.87
Engineering (Electrical)R450.87
Engineering (Mechanical)R450.87
Engineering Studies (Level N4-N6)
Engineering (Civil)R525.98
Engineering (Electrical)R525.98
Engineering (Mechanical)R525.98
Business Studies (Level N4-N6)
Business ManagementR6682.00
Financial ManagementR2 672.00
Human Resource ManagementR6682.00
Management AssistantR6682.00
Hospitality & Catering Services N4R1 507.08
Hospitality & Catering Services N5R1 786.77
Hospitality & Catering Services N6R1 507.08
TourismR1 468.43
REPORT 191 Common Subjects 2019 (N4-N6)
Entrepreneurship & Business Management (N4-N6)R668.00


Report 191 Subject Fees/ PART TIMETotal /Subject
Common Subjects (N1 – N3)
Engineering (Civil)R636.00
Engineering (Electrical)R636.00
Engineering (Mechanical)R636.00
Subject Fee (Per Trimester)Costing
Engineering Studies
Mechanical Engineering (N4-6)R 663.00
Civil Engineering (N4-6)R 663.00
Electrical Engineering (N4-6)R 663.00
Business Studies
Business Management (N4-6)R870.00
Management Assistant (N4-6)R870.00
Financial Management (N4-6)R870.00
HR Management (N4-6)R870.00
Tourism (N4-6)R1 468.43
Computer Subject (N4-6)R1 262.00

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