How to Register for Tax in South Africa (2021)

How to Register for Tax in South Africa (2021)

If you’ve been in search of how you can register for tax in South Africa, then you’re at the right place.

A tax is a mandatory financial charge, levy, tariff, or bill imposed on a taxpayer by a governmental body to help fund various public expenditures and government spendings. Failure to pay or resistance to indulge in tax-paying attracts punishments by the laws of the country.

A tax is essentially important as it helps to generate much government revenue, and it is paid directly or indirectly either in cash or its labor equivalent. It’s researched that the first relevant taxation took place in Ancient Egypt around 3000 BC. In economized terms, tax or taxation generates personal and business wealth into the hands of the government.

Generally, taxes come in different types or forms i.e the income tax, value-added tax, property taxes, etc. In South Africa, there are other types of taxes propounded by the government. Click here to see the types of taxes.

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How to Register for Tax in South Africa.

It is important to note that tax registration in South Africa can be done in three (3) ways viz;

Auto Registration for Personal Income Tax (PIT):

When you register for SARS eFiling for the first time, literally you don’t have a personal income tax number, the SARS management would automatically register and issue you a tax reference number. Also, you must possess a valid South African ID.

Follow the easy steps below:

  1. Visit the SARS website HERE.
  2. At the upper right-hand corner of the page, click “REGISTER NOW”
  3. Follow every prompts or instruction on the page.
  4.  Request for a Notice of registration, which will reflect your tax registration number.

You can also register for tax on the SARS MobiApp using the same steps above.

Register through your employer via the SARS eFiling platform:

The SARS eFiling platform also offers registration functions that allow employers to submit employees’ income tax registration to SARS. Read through the Tax Reference Number eFiling enquiry service.

Register at any nearest SARS Branch:

Visit any nearest SARS branch in your locality or province, ensure you go alongside the necessary documents like valid ID, passport, bank statement, etc. Make sure you make an appointment before visiting any SARS branch for tax registration.

For more information, follow this link to see all details.


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