What You Need to Know About Coding/Programming

What You Need to Know About Coding/Programming

A variety of computer scientists have been conversant with or have heard much about CODING or PROGRAMMING. A non-technology savvy person would ask “What is Coding?, or What is Programming?

Coding is the act of writing or bringing up language(s) for computers, then programming is the process of overseeing or supervising the writings of a whole program or code. Though the two words have slight differences in terminology, but they are the same in activity or practice. People prefer to use the word “coder” than “programmer” because they feel the former is easy for anyone to do or learn. Codes are the only language a computer understands except Yes or No, and it takes a highly tech-savvy person to read and understand computer codes. They’re a form of language translator to the computer to understand with binary code. However, programming is associated with the Computer Programming course in university, which makes people think it needs formal knowledge to operate well.

There are dozens of coding languages for computers, and a few of them are multi-purposed and others serve specific purposes. For example, CSS (as a code) functions typically to make things much pretty, and JavaScript functions to make web pages faster and functional.

Below are the most known types of coding languages for a modern computer:

  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Ruby vs. Python

If you’re interested in learning coding or programming, consider a few courses online and start your tuition.

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